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Most women apply to jobs once they feel they’ve met 100% of the qualifications. We are here to change that.

How it works

By signing up on the RecruitHer page, you’ll be prompted to create one application, where your best skills will always be highlighted. Then, sit back and relax while RecruitHer applies to our network of companies directly. Easy.

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4. Accept the offer!

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RecruitHer is a platform for women to discover their unrealized potential in typically homogenous work environments. Every day, we’re bridging the gender gap and fostering inclusivity by matching qualified female graduates and those early in their careers with internships to aid in their development, both professionally and personally.

Established in 2018, we work with employers who are passionate about fostering safe, inclusive, and supportive spaces for women in underrepresented fields in order to achieve a brighter tomorrow.

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